Mobility & Strength

An excellent article which highlights the importance of maintaining mobility for the elderly. As a Mobile Aged Care Physiotherapist, I strongly recommend programs tailored to your individual needs to remain independent in your own home or environment. Home care physio packages could be a great way to incorporate this into your program.

Pain Management

As an aged care Physiotherapist, by far this is the most critical challenge which is encountered by the elderly clients. How to manage pain effectively so that you can maintain an active lifestyle and continue to do the things you like? As a part of the home care physio package we can offer a manual pain therapy program.

Falls Prevention

This is one of the subjects close to my heart and in fact I had spent a few years in delivering awareness programs on this subject to educate as many elderly clients in the community. Aged Care Physiotherapists can visit you and implement strategies to prevent falls at your home. Home care physios are well trained to conduct risk assessments and significantly reduce risk of falls.

Validity of a Functional Dynamic Walking Test for the Elderly Sally D. Lark, PhD, Sowjanya Pasupuleti, MSc


Manual Handling

COVID-19 & Physical Health of Elderly

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